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Art at InterContinental Genève


Art at InterContinental Genève

The lobby of InterContinental Genève is home to several masterpieces by international artists. A unique sculpture of branches by Korean artist Jae-Hyo Lee crowns the top of the fireplaces, providing contrast in colour and texture. Above the reception, light plays on the intricate branch-work of another spectacular work by the same artist. Meanwhile, the silver touch of Christofle sparkles throughout the space, especially in the great doors of the Grand Ballroom, in full glory as imagined by Belgian artist Christian Heckscher.

The touch of designer Tony Chi and other renowned artists can be felt throughout the restaurants, conference spaces, suites and rooms of InterContinental Genève. Other notable works of art featured at the hotel include hand-painted wall coverings by Anya Larkin (USA), paintings by Alessandro Twombly (Italy), sculptures by Zed Taylor (Switzerland/UK) and a sliding-door glass fresco by Amanda Weil (USA) and Saint-Gobain Glass. Discover these works during your next visit.


Lee Jae-Hyo

Korean artist Lee Jae-Hyo works with stone, metal and wood to create intricate pieces reminiscent of the complex and mysterious patterns found in nature. Land art, minimalism and Arte Povera all influence his work. Playful and sophisticated, his artwork includes both functional and functionless pieces, ranging from benches, stools and tables to abstract, biomorphic forms.

Unique wood sculptures by Lee Jae-Hyo can be found above the fireplaces and the reception area in the lobby. A hemispherical table created by Lee is located next to the entrance of the Woods restaurant.


Anya Larkin

Swedish-American artist Anya Larkin has been internationally acclaimed for her handcrafted wallpapers, many composed of silver and gold leaf. Using ancient techniques to create contemporary patterns, the late artist’s designs are inspired by simple geometric shapes and natural textures. Larkin’s wallcoverings are featured in the permanent collections of the Louvre’s Department of Decorative Arts in Paris and the Victoria and Albert Museum in London.

Handcrafted wallcoverings by Anya Larkin can be found on the first-floor corridor leading to the Grand Ballroom.


Alessandro Twombly

Italian artist Alessandro Twombly is known for his organic, textured sculptures and his paintings of flowers in broad and expressive strokes. The son of famed American abstractionist Cy Twombly, Alessandro Twombly has been exhibiting regularly at key galleries and museums since the 1980s. He currently lives and works in Rome.

Paintings by Alessandro Twombly can be found near the elevators on the lobby and first-floor levels.


Christian Heckscher for Christofle

Belgian artist Christian Heckscher has been producing intricate etchings on metal surfaces since 1971, frequently working with luxury interior designers and architects in Europe, North America and Asia. His designs are inspired by the rhythmic curves and layers found in nature, with the sparkle of light bringing his metal etchings to life.

Christofle, a fine silverware and home accessories manufacturer based in France, was founded by jeweller Charles Christofle in 1830.

The metal etchings of Christian Heckscher for Christofle can be found throughout the lobby and Grand Ballroom, particularly on the large doors leading to the Ballroom.


Zed Taylor

Born in Geneva, English-Swiss artist Zed Taylor is a self-taught sculptor who also worked with mixed media in paintings and photography. The late artist is predominantly known for his large sculptures, made with materials such as earth, plaster, cement, wood and metal. Through Taylor’s art, rough and rigid raw materials are reborn as works full of movement and life.

An immense floral sculpture by Zed Taylor can be found near the Woods restaurant entrance


Amanda Weil

American artist Amanda Weil founded Weil Studio in 1993 based on her interest in the intersection of photography and architecture. Her studio specialises in large-scale photographic glass, in which glass is transformed by photography, and the image itself is transformed by light. Weil’s designs are often inspired by natural shapes and forms.

Founded in France, glass manufacturer Saint-Gobain Glass specialises in developing high-performing and innovative glass solutions.

A large sliding-door glass fresco crafted by Saint-Gobain and featuring a drawing by Amanda Weil can be found at the Fumoir.


M. Troy

In the work of New York artist M. Troy, the creative use of broken mirrors leads to an unexpected fragmentation of space. These reflective shards break and multiply the images of the surrounding space, resulting in new perspectives of the familiar.

A wall of broken mirrors designed by M. Troy can be found at the Bar Les Nations.