Our pool and Poolside restaurant are currently closed. We look forward to seeing you next season from mid-May.

Les Nations, Bar & Lounge

Les Nations offers expertly crafted vintage cocktails in an intimate setting. Inspired by the speakeasy era, these Geneva hideaways invite you to stay and savour new flavours in good company.

Everyday at Les Nations

Like a private New York club in a bygone era, Les Nations transports guests to another time and place. Relax in the leather sofas or enjoy a meal with friends. With seating for ten, the host table is ideal for informal business lunches or gatherings. Our menu features light cuisine such as salads, finger food and club sandwiches.

Through a clear and refined menu, our talented chef offers generous and gourmet cuisine such as grilled eggplant purée with sesame cream, crushed wheat balls stuffed with minced meat or even his meat samboussek, dishes that will make you travel.

Opening Hours:

Les Nations is open everyday from 8.30 am to midnight.

Food service between noon and midnight.

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