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History and Heritage at InterContinental Genève



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Famous personalities, global dignitaries and ground-breaking peace conferences are all part of InterContinental Genève’s history and heritage. In the 1980s alone, more than 100 heads of state and 2,900 ministers and ambassadors stayed at the hotel. Here are just a few highlights from the hotel’s history:


InterContinental Genève is inaugurated on 30 January


Dr Martin Luther King Jr gives a speech at the Pacem in Terris (Peace on Earth) conference held at InterContinental Genève. Representatives and world thinkers from around 70 countries participate in discussions on Vietnam.


Seeking discretion and tranquillity, husband and wife Carlo Ponti and Sophia Loren arrive at InterContinental Genève. Newly pregnant, the world-famous Italian actress stays in one of the hotel’s fully equipped suites for seven months and gives birth to her son in Geneva.


Soviet Union Foreign Minister Andrei Gromyko and US Secretary of State Henry Kissinger meet for negotiations during the Middle East Peace Conference. The two foreign policy leaders would continue to meet at InterContinental Genève over the next five years.


Syrian President Hafez al-Assad and US President Jimmy Carter meet at InterContinental Genève to begin a series of peace talks on the Middle East.


Prime Minister of India Indira Gandhi stays at InterContinental Genève and gives a keynote address to the annual World Health Organization assembly


Soviet General Secretary Mikhail Gorbachev ­­and US President Ronald Reagan hold talks on international diplomacy and the nuclear arms race during the Geneva Summit at InterContinental Genève.


The Dalai Lama stays at InterContinental Genève and meets with statesman and activist Prince Sadruddin Aga Khan.


US President George H. W. Bush meets with Syrian President Hafez al-Assad at InterContinental Genève to hold peace talks. It is the first meeting between presidents of the two countries since the 1977 Assad-Carter meeting.


Nelson Mandela, then Vice-President of the African National Congress, and his wife Winnie Mandela stay at InterContintal Genève. At the 77th International Labour Conference, Nelson Mandela delivers his first address to a United Nations audience.


Diana, Princess of Wales, stays at InterContinental Genève and participates in meetings with the International Committee of the Red Cross


US President Bill Clinton stays at InterContinental Genève and is the first US president to deliver an address to the International Labour Conference. Clinton visits the hotel numerous times during his presidency, including for peace talks with Syrian President Hafez al-Assad.


New York designer Tony Chi, member of the Interior Design Hall of Fame, completes a ten-year renovation of InterContinental Genève. The finishing touch includes the exhibition of masterpieces by international artists throughout the hotel.



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